Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Servants of Decay

So a bit about my armies of the 41st Millennium.

I've been playing 40k since the early nineties or there abouts, with dabbles in Rogue Trader (using some old photocopies that I managed to get my hands on). In that time I've collected a couple of armies. But the main theme, and the focus of this blog, seems to be my collection of Nurgle armies.

I have a Death Guard themed force, clocking in at around 6000 points I suppose (I haven't ever worked it out), and a similar sized Traitor Imperial Guard army. I tend to collect models that I like, and try to aim for the ability to field all of the units in a codex (with the exception of units dedicated to other chaos powers).

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It lives....

It lives! Arise my pretty!

Over the years  I have started various project logs on various forums, documenting my different tabletop wargaming armies. Partly as a training exercise, and mostly from a desire to stay organised I have decided to throw them all together here in one blog.

Thus on the eve of a lunar eclipse in the dark night of a new moon, Ragged They Kill is born.

So what is it all about? Who knows. It should have some pictures of painted wargaming models, some random commentary on life and the occasional battle report if I ever play any of these games again.

The title comes from a Rob Zombie song, Ragged they come  and ragged they kill, which I ripped off adopted as a motto for my nurglesque fascination. ;)

So that's that.