Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Legio Mortis Death's Heads Reavers

The Legio Mortis reaver titans Bellator Deus and Immitis Rex of Battlegroup Infidel.

The Titans of Battlegroup Infidel were used relentlessly by the Traitor Mechanicum forces during the Age of Darkness, and were deployed in support of the forces of the XIVth Legion for the majority of the Heresy.
Note the extensive superficial damage the Titans are displaying, probably as a result of the breakdown in supply lines and support structure that most forces encountered during the Age of Darkness.
While often deployed in warzones for long periods the battlegroup was not completely without support, and enough Mechanicum assets were present to enable their weaponry to be re-fitted and all but the most major repairs undertaken to ensure the war engines remained fit for purpose while on mission.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Epic Armageddon 30k Quartermaster Files

One of the unfortunate requirements of my job is to spend lots of time sitting in airplane seats. Over time I've been able to write some Quartermaster files for some of the 30k Epic Armageddon army lists that are on the Epic Au site (here).

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Legio Ignatum Warhound Praedetor.

Praedetor is one of the few Titans currently fighting as part of the 22nd army group. The Titans pledged to the 22nd were committed to the force when Legio Ignatum learned that they were potentially going to face elements of their hated enemies Legio Mortis.
Consequently the Legio Ignatum Titans like Praedetor were armed by their masters with weapons suitable for combating enemy war engines, ensuring that they execute their own internal mandate and are not distracted by lesser foes.

Friday, 22 April 2016

9th Necromundan Command Leviathan

The leviathan "Pride of Ollanius" was allocated to serve alongside the 22nd Army Group on their formation. A venerable relic, "The Pride" is currently assigned to the 9th Necromundan regimental command.
While some members of the 22nd's command structure were opposed to letting the Necromundans have access to such an honoured war machine, the Necromundans themselves are not afraid to commit "The Pride" to battle whenever overwhelming firepower and a statement kill is the best option.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A Battle Report, of sorts...

I managed to get an intro game of Epic Armageddon in on the weekend. It was a small 1,000 point "Mini-geddon" battle, done to introduce a new player to the game.

Spoiler Alert: It was fun!

Sunday, 10 April 2016

"Crusade" Dreadnoughts

The Astartes Crusade Pattern Dreadnought are used by the Death Guard in dense terrain where more heavy armour is unable to traverse or be re-supplied. Armed with a range of heavy weapons, these dreadnoughts focus on ranged attacks and firefights over close combat. They are often formed into talon's such as the one shown, and dropped onto the battlefield as a part of the initial orbital assault.
They form a valuable armoured support unit for the Death Guard infantry, providing additional heavy firepower and resilience to the infantry formations.

Here comes Denmark!

Another "Stats when I'm bored" challenge, and look who the big movers are!

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Legio Mortis Warhounds

The Legio Mortis Warhounds Ferrum Venator and Typhonicus Morte are scout titans of Battlegroup Infidel, a Death's Head Maniple that often fought alongside the Death Guard Legion in larger engagements.
Due to the hostile nature of the environments that the Death Guard were deployed in, and the decline in regular supply lines during the age of darkness, the titans of Battlegroup Infidel accumulated large amounts of superficial damage while deployed. Note the excessive amounts of corrosion present on the titan's weaponry and lower legs, most likely due to the hostile nature they were deployed in, possibly as a result of the weaponry utilised by the Death Guard themselves.
The corrosion on the Inferno Cannons may be a result of chemical munitions, which were heavily utilised by the Death Guard, and by their allies as supply and needs permitted.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Epic Destroyers

The Death Guard were one of the legions that utilised destroyers as a regular part of their modus operandi. Armed with rad and phosphex weaponry, and utilising jump packs to quickly close with the enemy, the destroyers provided a hard hitting rapid infantry strike force.
The force seen here is being led by a legion chaplain, further boosting their combat ability and providing a valuable benefit to the morale of the already stalwart members of the formation.