Friday, 15 August 2014

An Epic Red Platoon

As well as painting up a company of Imperial Guard in Rogue Trader era 40k, I'm also making them in epic scale. It's a well known fact that people who play epic are better looking, happier and enjoy a more fulfilling love life.

The overall strategy for collecting the army is to represent F company of the 9th Necromundan, who were on the box cover of the plastic 40k and epic IG models of the time. I'm going to paint up a tactical platoon (red platoon), with an attached support platoon (blue), an assault platoon (green), and an abhuman (black) platoon, and possibly a command platoon (yellow) with my company command squad and some veterans. The models I'm using for this are the 6mm imperial guard models made by GW in about 1990. These models have the same styling as my rogue trader era 40k models, so I have decided to limit the epic army to these with the occasional other piece from a similar vintage thrown in. Luckily I have a few of these lying around.

I've recently finished the 6mm version of F company's tactical (red) platoon, complete with some sentinel support, so thought that I would post a quick update showing what I've been up to.