Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Servants of Decay

So a bit about my armies of the 41st Millennium.

I've been playing 40k since the early nineties or there abouts, with dabbles in Rogue Trader (using some old photocopies that I managed to get my hands on). In that time I've collected a couple of armies. But the main theme, and the focus of this blog, seems to be my collection of Nurgle armies.

I have a Death Guard themed force, clocking in at around 6000 points I suppose (I haven't ever worked it out), and a similar sized Traitor Imperial Guard army. I tend to collect models that I like, and try to aim for the ability to field all of the units in a codex (with the exception of units dedicated to other chaos powers).

My aim has always been to collect and paint first, and come up with lists second, so there won't be a lot of hardcore list-building discussions here. But perhaps a little bit will slip in now and then ;)

Recent changes to the game, thanks to the breath of fresh air that is 6th edition, means that I can field allies for the first time in a decade or more. So I am now able to combine forces from both of my collections, which is both in character with the narrative I have developed over the years, and liberating.
As well as all of this, there are now rules for fliers.
Initially I was skeptical of this, as I can see their role in Epic, where air cover makes sense and gels well with the detachment scale conflict, but seemed cumbersome in the 40k scale. However I think I am coming around, as strategies such as air cover and air dominance have such an important part to play on the battlefield, so it makes sense to include some rules in the game to try and represent this.

And finlly there is forgeworld. I have a collection of older models, including things like rapiers, thudd guns and older class vehicles. Forgeworld's excellent collection of 30k era models, and more importantly for me, the rules for them, means that there is plenty of fun to be had with these toys.
So that's where I'm at. Looking forward to using some older models, and combining the two collections again. 6th edetion is certainly a success from my point of view, and I am looking forward to the update of more codecies to take this into account.

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