Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Birth of Foulmaw Cavlolo

I have recently been mucking about with Realms of Chaos again, and decided to roll up a warband that was both characterful, and somehow linked a chaos warband to my 3rd edition undead army.
My undead army is based around the Nightmare Legion, which occupy the Tilean City State of Lambrusco. So a champion of Tilean origin seemed like a good place to start.

Initially I rolled up a basic human with no followers and no gifts. I also discovered that my random dice app wasn't random, so 3d10 always returned the same result the first time you used it after opening it.  Based on this I decided to ignore the result of no followers, and rolled up two groups, with one ability each.  But first I downloaded a decent dice app! And then I discovered this blog that justified what I was thinking of doing...
oldhammer day warbands creation