Sunday, 15 July 2018

Ungor Raiders

It was on the first night that I saw them, shadows in the darkenwood. Gutteral mutterings, a hint of movement. They were gathered around a large object on the leafy forest floor, a loose knot of darkness within the darkness. Was it a corpse of a beast in the shadows? I could not tell. Their movements were quick and decisive, predators ready to pounce. I slipped away quietly into the darkenwood. The beasts had come.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

How to Brayherd

So I am a bit excited by all of the discussion, hype, and propaganda that a new edition of one of my favourite wargames brings. A new version of Warhammer was recently released, and I've been curious what this has meant for my armies. One of them is a Beastman army, which is, at best, a semi-forgotten faction in a sea of new and extensively promoted factions. But I **think** there is something in the list that can make it useable, so I thought that I would look into it with the obsessed singlemindedness of a cash poor part-time wargaming fanatic and see what I could come up with.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Brayherd Test Model

So with the release of a new version of Warhammer I decided to dust off one of my old armies and give them a freshen up. The Beastmen, now known as the Brayherd, are one of those armies that I've collected, and made a start with, but haven't ever had them close to completion.

I've decided to give the beastmen a spruce up for the new warhammer, including re-basing them to round bases, and equipping them for the current game.

This ungor raider model is an older plastic ungor model, which I've converted into a raider by turning his polearm into a longbow, and adding an arrow to his back.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Death Guard Consul Karthago

Pict capture of XIVth Legion Master of Signal Karthago at an unknown location during the Age of Darkness. As typical for a Death Guard Legionnaire Karthago has sustained a significant amount of superficial damage to his battle plate, most of which does not appear to have compromised the armour functionality.

Karthago is equipped with improved communications gear and an auspex, to support the ranged attacks of his fellow legionnaires. He also carries an archaic thurible of unknown origin, which were used more frequently by the XIVth legion towards the latter stages of the Age of Darkness.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Tally Chaplain Glomerata

Pict Capture of Tally Chaplain Glomerata during the initial stages of the New Diemenslandt invasion.
A Chaplain of the XIVth Legion during the great crusade, Glomerata inspired his fellow Legionnaires in battle more through his deeds than through litany. Always at the forefront of attack, the Tally Chaplain continues this role to the present day.
Seen here armed with an archaic plasma pistol, the Tally Chaplain records the deeds of the warriors about him, and keeps a tally of despair for his dark god.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Undead Carrion Fell Bat Thingys

Carried aloft on foul wings, these carrion beasts soar into the skies above the undead host of the Dread Pale King, scouting out enemies for the fell host.

Once sighted, the Necromancers controlling these rotting beasts are able to coordinate the host on the ground, while the carrion beasts act as heralds in advance of the main host, preying on the enemy vanguard as they swoop down silently on rotting wings to prey on the enemy.

Once battle is joined, the carrion beasts are able to fly over the front lines of the enemy into the support elements of the enemy, and can be reanimated again and again, allowing the necromancers to harry the foe relentlessly.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Death Guard Terminators Done

Blightlord Terminators from the Blighted Path warband deploy in force on the prison colony world of Neu Diemenslandt. The terminators were used by the forces of the Death Guard as shock troops during the initial assaults of the planetary invasion.
This unit is equipped for an anti-heavy infantry role with plasma weaponry, blight launchers and a variety of close combat weapons.