Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Birth of Foulmaw Cavlolo

I have recently been mucking about with Realms of Chaos again, and decided to roll up a warband that was both characterful, and somehow linked a chaos warband to my 3rd edition undead army.
My undead army is based around the Nightmare Legion, which occupy the Tilean City State of Lambrusco. So a champion of Tilean origin seemed like a good place to start.

Initially I rolled up a basic human with no followers and no gifts. I also discovered that my random dice app wasn't random, so 3d10 always returned the same result the first time you used it after opening it.  Based on this I decided to ignore the result of no followers, and rolled up two groups, with one ability each.  But first I downloaded a decent dice app! And then I discovered this blog that justified what I was thinking of doing...
oldhammer day warbands creation

For my champion I had initially rolled up a basic human (not even a level 5 hero) so decided he would have been a Tilean soldier of some sort. 

Then the idea popped into my head that he was involved in the ambush on Mordini and his mercenaries. Perhaps the guilt of the betrayal drove him to turn to chaos.

Based on the guidelines above, and the fact I had chosen two units of followers I then made him a level 15 hero. This meant that he was less likely to die horribly every time I used him. Clearly he had learned fast during his exile in the chaos wastes!

The next step is to choose a name. I needed a blend of exotic sounding Tilean and chaos. I settled of Foulmaw Cavlolo, Champion of Nurgle.

For equipment I managed to get a suit of heavy armour, and a great weapon. That would do until he gets his hands on a daemon weapon and some chaos armour down the track.

For his attribute I rolled a bestial face, and a further roll resulted in face of a beast of nurgle (as I was giving him a mark of nurgle).
His gift from Nurgle was a biting tongue. Lucky for me I had an old nurgle champ in chaos armour with a biting tongue and a tentacled hand (which can count as the beast face as he has his helmet on).

For his followers I rolled 3 Beastmen of nurgle, and 4 human mercenaries lead by a level 15 champion.

I decided the mercenaries would be Tilean, so used the Tilean crossbows entry from the mercenary list in the third edition Army book, which suited my theme.
Their leader was equipped with light armour, a hand weapon and a crossbow.

Having a second level 15 bodes well for succession should Foulmaw fall (which he might as he has pretty basic stats).

So all in all a nice little warband is taking shape.

This will be a longer term modelling project for me (which at my glacial painting pace is really saying something), but one that I'm looking forward to. I might even get some games in and see how they advance over time.

The characterful (but somewhat difficult to use) champion generation system in Realms of Chaos opitimises the older game for me. That, and the characterful sculpts like the one above. Good times await those who open these books!

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