Friday, 15 August 2014

An Epic Red Platoon

As well as painting up a company of Imperial Guard in Rogue Trader era 40k, I'm also making them in epic scale. It's a well known fact that people who play epic are better looking, happier and enjoy a more fulfilling love life.

The overall strategy for collecting the army is to represent F company of the 9th Necromundan, who were on the box cover of the plastic 40k and epic IG models of the time. I'm going to paint up a tactical platoon (red platoon), with an attached support platoon (blue), an assault platoon (green), and an abhuman (black) platoon, and possibly a command platoon (yellow) with my company command squad and some veterans. The models I'm using for this are the 6mm imperial guard models made by GW in about 1990. These models have the same styling as my rogue trader era 40k models, so I have decided to limit the epic army to these with the occasional other piece from a similar vintage thrown in. Luckily I have a few of these lying around.

I've recently finished the 6mm version of F company's tactical (red) platoon, complete with some sentinel support, so thought that I would post a quick update showing what I've been up to.

In Epic Armageddon infantry bases can be up to 40mm across, and have at least three, and usually five models on them. I've mounted the infantry on 33mm steel washers which means that they can stick to strip magnets for transport, and added a nice textured coating of sand that (somewhat) hides the little disc that the models are on.

There are a few EA Imperial Guard army lists that I can use with these models. The infantry detachment in the Steel Legion list has a command stand, and twelve infantry stands, so represents about 65 men if you have 5 to a base. The Siegemasters equivalent has nine stands, so if I painted up a command stand and twelve infantry stands, that will enable me to use either list. My 40k platoon has 45 men, so the Siegemasters list is about the right size, while the Steel Legion version has a couple more squads attached. If I were to use the Death Korps list I would need to combine platoons or paint up more bases, as their infantry detachments have 19 bases plus a commander. A good reflection of the mindset of Imperial High Commanders, but a pain to paint in 6mm!

The platoon command base I have made has an officer, which is an artillery crewman model, a commissar, an orderly with standard, and a heavy weapon team with a lascannon and lasgun. I've chosen to attach the commissar to this base rather than a regular infantry base (which is an alternative option under the current version of the game) mainly for aesthetic reasons.

I am giving every second base a lascannon and a sergeant, so two bases represent a ten man infantry squad. Like the platoon officer, the sergeants are represented by artillery crew models.
None of this is required under the EA version of the rules. This army has been such a long time in the making, and it is really me making it for the sake of making it rather than for hardcore tournament play so I am happy to invest a little more time in it in order to make it my match my 40k army.

I have sentinels in my 40k army, so I painted up some to support red platoon as well. I painted one squadron of four (which is the squadron size in the Steel Legion list), who can scout ahead of the platoon and help protect from deep strikers and the like.

If I want to use sentinels in the Siegemasters list as there aren't many options. The Sigfried light tank is fast, has a multi laser and scout so it probably wins. They come in squadrons of six, so I may have to paint a couple more up. There are zero options in the Death Korps list, so the sentinels will be warming the bench if I run the army using those rules.

The long term solution is to make my own list to represent my army, which is something I might do some day. I'll need to decide on a name. The Defenders of Flijghof might do. Kudos to anyone who gets the reference. Your Death Blades fu is strong.

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