Thursday, 4 December 2014

Vindicare Assassin

Elimination of enemy leadership from the Blighted Path Nurgle Host is a fundamental component of Inquisitor Het'Fjeld's mandate. To assist in this task the Inquisitor has successfully obtained the services of the Officio Assasinorum.

At least one vindicare Assassin is present in the task force, who regularly is seen on the battlefield alongside the 9th Necromundan. As is typical of most assassins from the Vindicare temple, the persecution of enemy characters, weapon specialists and squad level leadership dominates an engagement until the opportunity arises to deliver a coup de grace on the enemy commander. In this way the Vindicare assassin provides a valuable force multiplier to the regular Imperial Guard troopers.

In this image the assassin has drawn his exitus pistol, indicating that the enemy has closed to engage the assassin. Vindicare assassins typically work outside the protective cordon of conventional Imperial Guard deployment, but are able to re-deploy rapidly if required. Note the casual stance of the assassin, indicating a lack of fear in the face of a closing enemy. This may be due to assistance from nearby imperial platoons that operate ahead of the main infantry company, but is more likely due to the utter devotion to the cause that these individuals possess. The guardsmen of the 9th Necromundan who fight alongside the assassin typically have no idea that he is present on the battlefield until the enemy start to fall. The Necromundans view the shadowy character with respect, knowing that no-one is outside of the Inquisitor's reach should he wish them gone.

While not a Rogue Trader model, this is an old metal model that has been kicking about with my Death Blades since it was released in the early nineties. I painted it in a simple scheme that most assassins are painted in, and haven't touched the paint since then. I put it one one of the Dragonforge Parched Earth resin bases that I'm putting this army on, and called him done. Note that the slight angle that the model is on, because of the raised foot. This has shifted the vertical axis of the model. I was hoping to add a small element of dynamism to the model by doing this. However after viewing it for a while, I feel that it has thrown the balance of the model off slightly. The respect I have for the guys that sculpt these miniatures grows over time, due to little observations like this.

But as far as my Vindicare model is concerend, he is ready for action. Look out aspiring champions, heavy weapon troopers, and characters, the Vindicare is deployed.

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