Wednesday, 23 January 2013

a list by any other name is still as sweet

I have been mucking around with Death Guard 6th edition lists a little bit lately, and just thought I would post one here.

This is a fairly no-nonsense list designed to take and hold the centre of the board, hopefully claiming nearby objectives as they come available.


Borshak The Blightlord (Typhus) (230)

The Blightlord at the head of the big plague zombie unit forms an" immovable object" type of unit. I imagine this unit central to the army somewhere, with a 2+ armour save, 5+ feel no pain save and 2+ look out sir save making the Blightlord a real problem to deal with. He should be able to murder most opponents in close combat without too much trouble.

Bilehorn The Braineater (Chaos Lord) (180)

the black mace; blight grenades; chaos bike; sigil of corruption; mark of nurgle; veterans of the long war.

With the black mace and a bike, the Braineater will head towards the most scary looking unit he can. Even in a challenge he has the potential to hurt enemy units with the black mace, and at toughness 6 with 6 toughness 6 bodyguards and a 4+ invulnerable save he is also a fairly difficult customer to deal with. With the accompanying biker unit he creates a unit that will draw a significant amount of firepower away from the rest of the army.

One problem that I have is that he is modelled on a large round base, making the black mace's properties potentially more effective. Shouldn't matter against most opponents I play against, but it is something I need to be mindful of.


Squad III (7 Plague Marines) (210)

2× plasma gun; veterans of the long war.
With no rhino I am not sure these guys will have the mobility they need, but they are still one of the best troops choices in the game in my extremely biased opinion. The plasma guns provide them with some anti-light vehicle options (other than krak grenades) and an un-upgraded plague marine champion is a good choice with the basic plague knife being back in his kit these days.

Squad V (7 Plague Marines) (210)

2× melta gun; veterans of the long war.
This squad probably needs the rhino more than the plasma squad, but a single rhino seems like a give away secondary objective when compared to the rest of the army which is so resilient. I will play them as is and see how they go.

29 Plague Zombies (126)

A bodyguard for The Blightlord and a scoring unit. If they achieve anything else then it is a bonus really.

10 Plague Zombies (50)

These guys will be in reserve at the start of the game, consolidating behind the rest of the army as it slowly advances.

Fast Attack

Heldrake (170)

Long ranged anti infantry, and the ability to vector strike makes the Heldrake an almost auto-include in an army like this. They are a resilient flier, with three hull points and the daemon special rule, as well as it will not die, so two of them should be plenty.

Heldrake (170)

I thought about putting the autocannon option on one of them, but the baleflamer just seems too good to go past.

Squad VII (6 Chaos Bikers) (217)

mark of nurgle; veterans of the long war; 2× plasma gun.
A fast and hard hitting option, these guys are a resilient delivery system for the braineater. Relentless allows the plasma guns to fire on the charge, but they have the option not to if I don't think the overheat risk is worth it. They are designed to kill marines, which seems suitable for this army, but I probably find the points for a weapon upgrade on the champ. There is finesse in using bikers well, and I certainly haven't mastered them, but need to give them a run more often to get some practice in. 

Heavy Support

Squad IX (5 Havocs) (165)

mark of nurgle; 3× missile launcher (3× flakk missiles).
This squad is primarily for air defence, but can perform well against all armoured opponents. They are a high priority target against an opponent with flyers, so will need to be deployed well.

Squad X (5 Havocs) (120)

mark of nurgle; 3× autocannon.
The final havoc squad also has a dual role, but is not quite as effective against flyers, but at a much cheaper cost. Between the two squads they should be able to deliver a decent amount of firepower in support of the rest of the army as it advances.

1,848 points

So that is the list I will be trialling. I have most of the models completed and painted, with the exception of the Blightlord (who needs painting), the heldrakes (which I will be using my hellblades to count as), and the autocannon havocs. I have the parts though, so just need to find some time to put them together and slap some paint on.

But I think my biggest challenge will be getting my head around the subtle differences that is 6th edition.

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