Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Oldhammer Community

I have just discovered the growing community of Oldhammer folk.
People like myself, who can remember different times, where back story was important, and miniatures were less detailed, but more creative.

I stumbled upon the oldhammers because I was in the process of converting my Rogue Trader imperial guardsmen back to their original paint scheme.

Rather than start a new blog for a handful of models, (that would get updated about as frequently as this one!) I have decided to roll it into one somewhat related blog. 

My chaos army has old models. My imperial guard army has old models, and are currently being used as muscle by the inquisitor who is after my traitors, so it sort of makes sense. In a loose kind of way. If I ever update my old marines they will make an appearance too.

So in an attempt to keep things ticking along at the lightning pace of 2 updates a year, here is something I have been working on.

Di'Anno was a ruthless gang leader prior to his induction into the guard, and his natural leadership abilities and level head made him an obvious choice for a company commander. His reputation for ending blood feuds quickly ensured that no one challenged his authority as he took command of F Company. Unusually, Di'Anno wears the standard uniform for a captain, complete with officers hat. This is no doubt due to the recent attachment of fresh commissariat officers to the regiment after the deaths of the previous appointments.

So I will need to add to these guys obviously, but have plenty planned. Time on the other hand...

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