Sunday, 18 January 2015

The pledge...

2014 was a big year for me. I welcomed my daughter to the world, moved house more times than I care to remember, started a new job, and even painted some models. In fact, I painted the following:

  • Epic Imperial Guard.

  1. 54 infantry bases including completing 3 out of 5 of my platoons.
  2. 12 rough rider bases, 12 sentinels, and 15 light artillery bases
  3. 6 thunderbolts and 2 marauder bombers
Things I still need to do are the whiteshield platoon, the beastmen platoon, some grav-attack vehicles and, as a reward when I get all that done, the reaver titan Wrathchild.
  • 40k Imperial Guard

  1. Company command squad.
  2. Red platoon. Command squad and 2 tac squads.
  3. 2 Support squads with lascannons.
  4. The thudd guns.
  5. The sentinels (technically these were in Jan, but they are done as I write this list so I'm counting them in 2014).
  6. Rebased a heap of models onto resin bases.

Still to do: plenty. Veterans, arbites, rapiers, assault platoon, a land speeder and plenty of other pieces of lead.

  • Epic Eldar.

  1. 3 titans.
  2. 14 vehicles.
  3. 8 jetbike stands and 8 infantry stands.
Still to do: rebase and touch up about 10,000 points worth of older stuff.

  • Epic Chaos

  1. 10 bases of terminators.
  2. A predator. (Neither of these are shown, because I'm slack. These are my Legio Mortis Nurgle Titans that I painted a couple of years ago. They are just crying out for black and white checker-patterns).
Still to do: make up my mind on what I want to do with these guys. Repaint the older marines into the newer colours, or buy new ones.

So I am pretty happy with my progress. I painted a swag of old models and gave them some well deserved love.
So what to next?
My overall strategy is to eventually have 5 armies in both 40k and Epic that I can play with (but mainly collect as I don't play much these days). The armies are:

  1. Imperial Guard (9th Necromundan Death Blades) with Inquisitorial (and other) allies 
  2. my home brew Space Marines (the Paladins of Exodus)
  3. my Death Guard Chaos Marines (The Blighted Path)
  4. my former Imperial Guard Renegades (The Togari 88th)
  5. as well as a Saim Hann army (yet to be named or slotted into the narrative).

Plus on top of this, in my collection I have an old lead Undead army, and a more contemporary (i.e. plastic) beastman army for Warhammer. Both need lots of work.

So to get me closer to this goal, the pledge for 2015 is:

  1. Complete repainting my Death Blades in both 40k and Epic.
  2. Figure out what I am doing with my Epic Death Guard and get them done.*
  3. Finish painting one other army.*
  4. Commence repainting my Old Lead Undead.
  5. Roll up and model 40k and Warhammer warbands from ROC: The Lost and the Damned.
  6. Play at least one game of Epic, 40k, ROC and Warhammer (hopefully 3rd).
  7. Spend no more than $300 on models, paints and other loot.

*These ones are dependent on me moving house yet again, and getting my hands back on my models that are in storage.

So that is that. I pledge to do this in 2015. 7 tasks for Nurgle.
Wish me luck (especially with that last one! Must resist temptation to click on forgeworld Death Guard). 

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