Thursday, 15 January 2015 the Rhythm of the War Drums...

As a force composed largely of infantry, and frequently required to garrison areas with minimal support from other detachments, F Company had the potential to be dangerously devoid of close support. To assist in mitigating this shortfall, Blue Platoon were assigned several support weapons.
The quad-launchers and their crews seen here are an example of the firepower assigned to the platoon.

Since the death of their commanding officer, Blue Platoon have been commanded by a Gunnery Sergent, and usually assigned directly under the command of Captain Di'Anno. 

The Gunnery Sergeant can be seen here directly commanding the Thudd Gun squad as is traditional for a guardsman of his rank. The guardsmen of the platoon retain their side-arms when on support weapon duty as they present a tempting target for enemy troops directly engaging the company. 

Note the guardsmen on the far right has obtained a set of non-standard magnoculars to assist with targetting and rangefinding. Among regiments composed of former gangers, such as the Death Blades, theft and black market trade is common. The officers either turn a blind eye to it, or even actually condone it if it provides a combat effective benefit to the troops.

When deployed in Zone Mortalis war-zones the thudd gun crews undertake rifleman duties providing extra firearm support to the company, while the thudd guns themselves are maintained by the Mechanicum personnel assigned to the Death Blades.

I have had these thudd guns for ages, buying two of them new in blisters when they came out, and one later on from ebay. I traded and sold the squat crews that came with them, so they are now manned by the guardsmen that I have in my collection.
They make a pretty formidable artillery squad, which is something that my army of direct fire infantry really lacks, so I am happy to have them painted up at last.

I put some Death Blades markings on the guns themselves, to show that they are valuable members of the company.
So the first heavy support unit is added to the army.

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