Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Undead Samurai Li-Che

This is the second undead samurai model that I've finished. I had painted this model previously as a test model, with yellows on the robes rather than the browns and reds here.
I am still settling on a theme for this unit, and the army overall, but think that brown, black and red, with rusty oranges and yellows is going to give me what I am after.

Li-Che is one of the undead samurai citadel models from 1985. Some of the sculpts have heaps of character. I've painted this model up to look old and rusty, with lots of browns, oranges, yellows etc.

I painted the hat a little differently to other parts of the model, going for a base of purple, highlighting up to red. I did this mainly to help it stand out a little, and add some subtle variety to the unit.
I'm not completely sold on the colours of the robes. I wanted something that would fit in, but allow the bone to stand out, as some of the models don't have a lot of bone exposed, so it's good to reinforce the skeleton theme by emphasizing the bone when it appears.
The base is painted up in my standard scheme. I am experimenting with some crackle medium for the bases, so I can have something similar to the resin death blades bases that I have. I might end up re-basing these using some sort of crackle medium. I might also experiment with different coloured base edges for this army.

Some of these round bases with the slot are pretty old, and have been painted quite a few times over the years. You can see that the rim of this one is starting to show it's age, with a fair amount of paint build up on it. I have never thought of stripping paint from old bases, but it looks like I will have to!
Overall I'm fairly pleased with the old model. It has an odd pose, presumably because Li-Che is a spell casting liche. I am hoping that it will work in well with the rest of the Samurai unit as a support character.

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