Saturday, 3 September 2016

Screaming Skulls

Overseen by their dark master the screaming skull catapults rain death on the foe.

I've had these catapults sitting in the shiny lead painting pile for quite a while now. They aren't models that I ever got around to painting, so have been on the to-do list for ages, so it's great to finally get them painted properly.
This catapult is one of those iconic models from back in the day, and I'm pretty happy that I have two of them.
I painted them in my standard brown-built-up-to-bone scheme, with splashes of rusty orange and a hint of red to make it interesting.

The necrotect overseer is a charioteer from the skeleton chariot model from the same era. Unlike my other characters I mounted him on a 25mm base rather than a 40mm base, so that I can still put him on his chariot if I want. He is the only skeleton model that I own with a whip, so was a natural choice.

In current warhammer games the necrotect allows the catapults to shoot twice if he is within 1" of them, so will really add some ability to the catapults shooting. Plus he allows one unit to move faster and re-roll 1's to wound, which means that he will work well with the Grave Guard. They do double damage on wound rolls of 6, so re-rolling 1's will help a bit here.
But that's it for now, more models ready to use!

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