Sunday, 4 September 2016

Tech Priest

Tech Priest with battle servitors deployed ready for battle.

This is one of two techmarine models that I bought back in the eighties. The other one has ended up drafted into my traitor nurgle guard army. This one remained loyal, and has a servo arm added to it to bring it into line with the current rules.

The model cuts an interesting sculpt, with a huge power axe and fairly unusual style of helmet (and boots!), and the servo arm I added was a plastic devastator backpack arm, with a servo arm claw added from one of the two gun servitors that I cut off. The 25mm base looks a little bit too small, and I think that I am considering swapping it out with a bigger one to help the model stand out (and make it a little bit more stable).
The two heavy bolters are held on with magnets so I can exchange them with other weapons if I want. The left one is a forgeworld resin one, while the one on the right is a plastic marine scout one.

The servitors that make up the retinue are about as grim-dark as it gets in the dark, grim grim-darkness that is the 41st millennium. I gave them fairly pale flesh tones, and tried to paint most of the details like it was on the models back wen they were released.
So that's it for this unit, ready to fix tanks and shoot people in the name of the omnissiah.

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