Friday, 17 February 2017

Galatea Pax

A consul of the Death Guard Legion during the Great Crusade, Galatea Pax showed a proficiency in brutal close assaults and firefights. Like other members of his legion, he was able to perform any role on the battlefield, but excelled as a destroyer. He often took on the role of Moritat, choosing his own mission objectives as he saw fit. Nimis Zog, his commander, typically allowed Pax to operate with a large degree of freedom, knowing that his abilities were being put to good use wherever Pax chose to apply them.
Here Pax can be seen equipped for a Moritat role, armed with short ranged weaponry and equipped with a jump pack for rapidly re-deploying to engage his target. Pax has chosen to eschew the use of a second plasma pistol in this case, deciding instead to carry the more reliable legion bolt pistol instead. Note the complex custom targeting scope fitted to the plasma pistol, and unusual design, indicating that it is likely to be a relic of the legion. 
Also of note is the lack of unit and honour markings, with superficial damage present on the armour, which the Death Guard legionnaires often chose to allow to accumulate over time. 
This is an old 1990's metal Plague Marine Champion that I've had since it was released. It has had quite a few paint jobs over the years, but should fit in well in both 30k and 40k games with this scheme.
The plasma pistol was great on the older version of the Moritat, where he could take two and delete a unit. It has been overly nerfed now though, so I'm not sure how often I'll use him. I suspect that running him with a Primus Medicae in a squad of destroyers might be reasonable, but I'll need to re-read the Moritat rules to make sure this is allowed. Because Moritats like running solo, and I'm not sure he'd want a Medicae following him around.

The plague marine icon on the shoulder doesn't look too out of place on a Legion who has skull and scythe symbology, and the battle damage on the armour fits the background of the 30k Death Guard Legion.
I've left the left weapon arm and backpack magnetic, so I can choose to equip Pax in a number of different ways. So he can be run as a unit champion for Destroyers or Raptors, as an independent character with a jump pack running with them, or in standard power armour.

I can also run him as a siege breaker fairly simply, by giving him an appropriate backpack and weaponry.
So he should be a fairly versatile addition to the force, as long as I want to run at least one plasma pistol on a model somewhere.

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