Sunday, 5 February 2017

Wild Rider Farseer

An Eldar Farseer from the Saim-Hann craftworld rides to war with a wild rider. 
This farseer conversion was a fairly simple one for me to do. I chopped a plastic farseer model in half at the waist (or there-abouts), removed most of the rider from a jet bike, and put the two together. The Wild Rider was made by adding an exarch backpack wing to the back of the jetbike. As I chop the wings off some of my exarchs I have a few of these lying around that I can use.

I kept the second jet bike removable by adding a magnet to the bottom of the jet bike model. The base is a steel washer so the magnets stick very well to it.

The paint scheme is a fairly standard Saim-Hann red and white, with a bit of bone and green gems. The freehand symbols were fairly tricky, and some day I may paint over them with red, and add a little transfer instead to neaten it all up.

And here you can see the farseer, summoning the Avatar of Khaine to rip some poor unsuspecting guardsmen asunder.

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