Monday, 20 March 2017

Hawks and Spears and Vypers, oh my!

So I have had often wondered how many epic bases I can bash out in one beer and podcast fuelled painting frenzy. It turns out the answer is 21!

Actually it's 19, as two of these swooping hawk bases were already painted. But it's still more than I thought I could manage in a couple of hours. They even look okay if you don't look too closely!

I modified the design of the shining spears from what I previewed on the last post. I trimmed the breadclips down further to make them look less like massive pieces of bread clip glued to a jetbike model, and more like part of the jetbike model.
I wasn't sure what to do for their colours. They will be a large part of my Saim-Hann army, so I wanted them to be red rather than the standart white and blue they are often painted in.
In the end I painted the same as the other jetbikes, but put the shining spear aspect symbol on the fairing instead of the Saim-Hann serpent symbol. So the army should look fairly cohesive, and red!
Note the trimmed down pieces of breadclip on the back.

For the exarchs I glued an exarch wing on the back of the bike. If I run these guys using Biel-Tan rules then one of them would probably be upgraded to an Autarch, so I put a nice Saim-Hann banner on one of the stands just in case. It's just trimmed from a plastic guardian, and is extremely fragile, I'm not even sure it will last one game!

Here you can see a comparison with my standard jetbikes. They look different enough and cohesive enough which is what I was after.

I also bashed out five vypers. These guys are going to be in my regular jetbike formations to lend a bit of ranged shooting. In NetEpic games they are a formation of five in their own right.

The serpent symbol was a bit fiddly, as it is quite small compared to the regular jetbikes, but I think they still pass muster.
I mounted these guys on 25mm bases rather than the standard 33mm that I use elsewhere, and I think I like it. I'll do more of these sized bases in the future for smaller single models like these.

So that's another few jobs crossed off the list!

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