Saturday, 15 April 2017

Epic Eldar Rangers

Xenos eldar scouts from the Saim-Hann Craftworld sighted on Neu-Diemenslandt. The scouts of the eldar forces on Neu-Diemensland are believed to have been present for some time, prior to their discovery. The eldar often use scouts such as these as forward observers prior to full scale invasions.

These plastic eldar rangers are the latest of my old epic eldar models to be re-based and re-painted. I had twenty of them, but wanted to try and maximise the number of bases that I could field, so went for a bare minimum of three on each base.
I think this is okay on scout bases as they look like they are adopting a dispersed formation which seems fitting.

They usually come in formations of four stands in most eldar army lists (in most versions of epic), so I have just scraped up enough for two formations. I had to add in some of the old guardians with lasguns though, to make sure that I had enough for eight stands. These don't have the camo cloaks of the regular rangers, but as they have longer rifles rather than the shorter shuriken catapults of the regular guardians they don't look too out of place on these stands.

While the Epic Armageddon Saim-Hann army list doesn't allow eldar rangers, other lists do, so these units will be useful when I am playing "Biel-Tan like" Saim-Hann or similar.

I wasn't sure how to paint them as the Saim-Hann craftworld colours of bright red and white are very un-scout-like. In the end I decided to go with this anyway. I figured that painting them in camo colours that matched the bases would be more accurate, but pretty boring to look at. This way they will also ensure that the army has a unified look, and doesn't feel like a mish-mash of different formations, but a cohesive force. With eldar aspect warriors having their traditional colours this is something that I'm quite mindful of. So in the end I went with standard Saim-Hann colours, with black cloaks. I originally had the cloaks matching the base colour, but even that looked too bland and lacked contrast.

As scouts they can deploy forwards of the main army, and can block the enemy advance quite effectively. They should prove to be a valuable addition to my eldar forces.


  1. Cheers Suber. I'm getting low on 10/0 brushes though! I tend to burn through them with these epic infantry.