Monday, 7 May 2018

Test SchemeTerminator

So after about a squillion years I finally painted up one of my Forgeworld Terminator models to see how my scheme would look.

I'll start off by saying that the axe on this model looks longer in the photo's than in real life. Something funny must be going on with the focal length on my antique phone camera.

The model itself is a mix of the forgeworld resin death guard kit (which is torso's and shoulder guards) and a regular plastic terminator.  I added a few extra bits onto the fairly plain looking legs to try and bulk them out a little so that he doesn't look like he's skipped leg day.

The axe is a plastic chaos terminator arm, with the old metal Kharn's Gorechild pinned onto the end. So thanks to Angron for the donation!

I painted a fair bit of rust onto this model, both to add to the entropy look, and to remind me that there is a special rule these guys have these days, Aura of Rust. This gives them an extra -1 AP in combat when they roll a 6+ to wound, which is exactly the type of thing an occasional wargamer like myself forgets!

I've magnetised all the weapons for extra adaptability, letting me mix and match the squad's load-out on the whim of the chaos gods (or whenever FAQ's and rule changes means that my old load-out is now crap or obsolete). I only have two of the sexy swords unfortunately, but I have plenty of the combi weapons (plasma and melta), as well as axes, fists, the occasional chain fist and a few other options. I made most of the combi weapons out of storm bolters and combi-bolters, as I figured I'd almost never use those underpowered pieces of kit, opting for the more killy combi-meltas and plasma's on these guys most of the time.

This combi-melta is from the plastic chaos terminator kit, which I've just scraped the spikey and pointy bits off (quite badly as it turns out after having a closer look at these pictures...). I also modified the barrel slightly, and plan to add some battle damage to the red area to make it look less crap.

I'm pretty happy with my new green colour, which is called, imaginatively enough, Death Guard green. My old green was more Dark-Angely and just too vivid and dark. This one is much more plague like.
The rust effects are a little hit and miss, but I think that's ok on a full squad where the subtle differences will add to the overall chaotic and non-uniform look of the unit, while still looking cohesive.

I tried to add a fair bit of detail to the undetailed plastic bits, which were in stark contrast to the ultra detailed Forgeworld resin bits. The additional parts glued on help out here too, plus I painted on some extra scratches and battle damage to help.

So there are a few touch ups to be done (thanks mainly to not seeing them as I'm painting it; mumbles something about getting old...), but I'll do them when I do the rest of the squad (specifically that blue mess that is the left eye!). Overall I'm pretty happy with the scheme, and will paint up the rest of the squad is similar colours. One down, only nine to go...

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  1. I started painting my Death Guard terminators recently (5 so far). Got my base coat down and first wash pass then... nothing. Just lost impetus.

    But I think I might actually change my weapon options on a couple and get them back to the same stage again.

    Yours looks great and I know I'll enjoy mine when they're done, just need to kick myself up the backside and get on with them.