Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Praetor Assault Launchers

I'm lucky enough to have a few Praetor Assault Launchers in my Epic Imperial Guard collection.
I recently painted them up in Death Blades colours, to add to my growing collection of 6mm greyness.

The praetors have been painted as a squadron of three. I've added the old style command squad to the command tank. It was fairly straightforward.

I've also added some Death Blades style markings that the guardsmen have added to the tanks. One has a red banned in the style of a pennant on the old Blanche Death Blades box art.

I have decided that my Macharius Chassis vehicles will have similar markings to help tie them all together. These ones have the two white stripes, with a central blue stripe. Other Macharius-based Super Heavy formations have (or will have) the same white stripes, with a different coloured central band.

Rules for these tanks are sparse. I have come up with my own for both Epic Armageddon IG Heavy Mechanised and Net Epic An Alternative IG List.. That last one is fairly unorthodox, with unit changes across the army, so isn't really compatible with other NetEpic armies. Attempting to change the game to suit my questionable viewpoint one army list at a time.

But back to the Praetors. They are unprecedented in that they are a superheavy artillery. Looking forward to trying these guys out.

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