Friday, 17 June 2016

The time of Judgement is nigh...

Requisitioned into the forces of Het'fjeld as his personal bodyguard and investigators, these Arbites also assist in maintaining order within the Necromundan regiment.
The guardsmen of the 9th Necromundan treat them with outward hostility, thanks largely to the fact that the former gangers of the 9th grew up in a culture of hatred towards the Arbites, who often clashed violently with the hive gangers.
The Arbites themselves care little for the manner in which the Guardsmen treat them, feeling honoured in the fact that they are chosen by Het'fjeld to execute his orders directly.

These models are a mix of the fanatic Arbites from the late nineties/early noughties, and the original GW Arbites from 2nd edition 40k.
I picked up 5 of the 2nd edition ones when they were released, but didn't get the other 5 fanatic ones until later on.
I never had an Arbitrator gang in my games of Necromunda so never got around to buying any more, and the fanatic models remained unassembled and unpainted.
I realised that they would make a characterful addition to this army as some sort of elite troops, so decided that they would act as the bodyguard of Het'fjeld and his hangers-on.

The older models have the Aquila on their forehead, while the newer ones have the yellow visors.
The scheme is the original one I copied from the 'eavy Metal scheme from white dwarf when they were released. I didn't touch the paint of the older ones for this project, only rebasing them to match the rest of the army, and tried to paint the new ones to match the old ones 20 + years later! They are lacking the aging, yellowing varnish (and painted eyeballs!), but apart from that are pretty close.
On the table they will be carapace armoured veterans/grenadiers or similar, where they will have the dubious honour of adding ablative wounds to some lucky character.
The shotguns are below par choices on models like these, but they have character and a fitting aesthetic.

So more antagonism added to this army. Hopefully everyone can keep it together long enough for the enemy to show up!

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