Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Something Rotten This Way Comes...

Foul Daemons of Nurgle spew forth from the warp.

These Epic scale daemons have been something that I've wanted to do for a while now. They have been sitting in storage since the early nineties, and once I got my other armies mostly re-painted to a usable level then I planned to tackle these.
Thankfully that day has finally come, and the foul minions of Nurgle get a fresh coat of paint, probably much to their disgust.
The Great Unclean One is one of the original old ones from epic. I re-based him onto a 50mm round base, as these days he's a damage capacity 4 war engine.
The base is just a piece of plywood. I sculpted some nurglings onto it with greenstuff, and then flocked it with some washed sand.

Here you can see him summing forth a few more nurglings!

For the nurglings I wanted them to appear like a horde made up of tiny rotund imp's, so decided to sculpt some myself. I imagine them advancing on the enemy like a great carpet of filth, so didn't go with too much height, and kept them mostly running on the ground. I didn't really have a chance at sculpting tiny teeth and arms at this scale, so they remain as abstract little blobs. As I type this I just had the idea of sculpting some running over dead marines, wrecked vehicles etc, so I will definitely do that in the future.

These beasts of nurgle are the fairly cartoon-y looking original epic metal ones. I bought them in a blister (of seven) and used them with reckless abandon back in the day.
They don't really fit the more serious current aesthetic, but I have repainted them in my current scheme here. A base of darker brown, with a lighter highlight and a dark green wash. Teeth and claws picked out in bone and white, and red highlights with a purple wash.
Ready to slide forth and lick their enemies once again!

And here is the current horde in all it's glory!
All shiny and new, and ready for their triumphant (hopefully) return!

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