Monday, 25 July 2016

Epic Blight Drones

Blight Drones unleashed from the warp storm forward to engage the foe.

I made these blight drones out of green stuff over a few evenings. I figured that daemon engines like these would look fine if they weren't perfectly uniform, so were a reasonable choice for a scratch built formation where my inability to make them look exactly the same wouldn't matter.
I tried to make them look heavy and bloated, so shaped them like they were being held up in the middle by the rotors. The rotors are made from rods of plastic tube, with some greenstuff added around the edge.
The guns are fairly simple, being just small pieces of wire shoved in to the putty. I painted them red and black, to look like there is some sort of supportive red casing around the outside of the barrels.
After I sculpted the initial blobby body (out of grey greenstuff. I guess that's called greystuff!) I added the lens on the front, and then added the armour and rotors. I waited until things had dried a little before doing this. I find that building things from greenstuff works best for me if I build it up in quite a few layers, rather than try and model the whole thing in one hit.
The base is simply a 25mm washer and a paperclip, with a scattering of sand.
You can see that they are probably a little bit too big, but not by much. These are just particularly bloated specimens!
A quick paint job, but they will do the job. I tried to make them distinctly non-death guardy as they were never anything that was in the legion so made them rusty brown rather than off white. Unfortunately I stupidly applied a brown wash after I had painted all of the rusty patches onto it, which dulled them right down again and made them look a bit bland overall. I will have to add a little more orange and yellow back on to get the effect back that I'm after.
So that's it for now; another unit emerges from the warp!

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