Tuesday, 19 July 2016

More undead samurai!

Undead samurai summoned forth and stalking the lands of the living.
I have added another five undead samurai to the growing ranks of my undead horde, brining it up to a whopping eight finished models. These five were batch painted, and don't seem to have suffered too much for it, so I will probably be doing that again for the rest of the rank and file models in this army.
I have pretty much settled on a palette now too, so hopefully I can knuckle down and make some good progress on these.
The first of the old new recruits, Gi is armed with a slightly leaf shaped sword, which according to Wikipedia (the source of most of my knowledge it seems!) is probably a Ken as it is double edged, and not overly long. Gi also carries a hand shield, which is marked (poorly!) with the kanji character for death.

Liy is armed with a longer sword than some of the other models in the unit, so it is probably something like an uchigatana rather than a katana.
Judging by the arrows protruding from his neck and back Liy has also been used for target practice by archers from time to time!

Yun carries a no nonsense katana for convincing opponents of the error of their ways. 

Ta has a kusarigama, for entangling and disabling enemy weapons with the weighted chain before finishing them off with the sickle part of the weapon.

Yo has a straight single edged sword, so it is probably an ancient chokuto. He also carries a longbow and quiver full of arrows, but he will probably be deployed within the samurai unit rather than a unit of archers. Mainly because I want a unit of twenty and can't spare him unless I double up on one of the other 19 models that were produced. However given that they don't have a musician, I might need to convert one up, so this may happen I guess. Unless of course Yo plays his bow like a big funky guitar!
So the unit is growing. They will be skeletons armed with hand weapons and no shields (but armoured so I might count that as having shields) in most games, and will probably be a nuisance unit summoned up the back somewhere or acting as a bodyguard for my necromancer or something.
So I'm nearly halfway through this unit which is awesome. I am really looking forward to getting all of them painted up!

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