Thursday, 4 August 2016

Ennio Mordini

Sustained by his thirst for vengeance Ennio Mordini of the Nightmare Legion bests another enemy hero.

Back in 1985(ish) Games Workshop released a Regiments of Renown boxed set called the Nightmare Legion (Linky link), which I promptly bought with all the enthusiasm a young boy can muster. This model is Ennio Mordini, a skeleton major hero and the original leader of the regiment. Betrayed and murdered by the leaders of the Tilean City States, Mordini and his regiment were that pissed off about it they came back from the dead to seek their revenge.
This is the third time I have painted my Ennio model since I bought the box about thirty years ago, and it is probably the only time I am fairly happy with how it turned out.
He is a fairly small model by today's reasonably over the top heroic scale standards, but by putting him on the large 40mm round base it has given him more presence, and allowed me a bit of freedom in modelling how he looks, standing triumphant over the head of his latest victim.
Like all of my undead I painted him mournfang brown first, and worked my way up from there. I have stuck to a fairly limited palette for this army to allow the models to look uniformly weathered and ancient.
In games of AoS Warhammer Mordini will be my general, using the 'Wight King with Black Axe' battle scroll. This will make him a formidable hero killer, and allow him to enhance the fighting ability of the skeletons nearby, both of which seem fitting!

So finally after all these years the general is ready!

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