Sunday, 11 December 2016

Flaming Hell!

A squadron of assault tanks from the 9th Necromundan Red Company preparing to advance. The squadron is composed of a Banewolf on the left, with chemical cannon, and two Hellhounds. The command tank is in the centre, as denoted by the yellow command symbol on it's flank.

As zone mortalis specialists, the Necromundans often utilise assault tanks such as these, whose armament makes a mockery of cover that the enemy may be sheltering in.
Just a small update today. I've been looking forward to adding some assault tanks to the army for a while now. These hellhounds are great in a firefight, with their cover ignoring main armament, and are fast enough to keep pace with transported troops and the like.

The squadron is normally composed of three hellhounds with inferno cannons, but I have kept one of them magnetic so I can upgrade one to be a Banewolf, with a shorter ranged chemical cannon, or a Devil Dog, armed with an anti armour melta cannon.
Currently there aren't any rules for these variants in Epic Armageddon, So I made some myself to go in the Heavy Mechanised Imperial Guard list that I've been developing.

So I can replace one Hellhound in the squadron with a Banewolf or a Devil Dog.

Magnets allow me to do this with a minimum of fuss.
So more armour added to the army, ready to assault!

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