Friday, 9 December 2016

More Transports for Green Platoon

Imperial Centaur Light Assault Carriers being utilised as transports for the 9th Necromundan F Company Green Platoon. These centaurs have been fitted with enclosed crew compartments, to provide additional protection to the transported troops from hostile environments and enemies. An added benefit is that it also allows the Necromundans to perform their nefarious deeds shielded from prying eyes while on non combat operations.
These fan made centaur models are the latest addition to my growing Epic Imperial Guard army.

I painted them up in my standard grey 9th Necromundan scheme, and added the company markings for the infantry units they would (usually) be transporting (Green Platoon). I also added the command symbol to one of the tanks to show where Lt. Burr, Green Platoon's top dog, is being transported (this is optional for transports in Epic Armageddon but I like to paint them like this for a bit of added realism).

I added a little bit more brown ink to the weathering on these models, to show that they've had a fair bit of use, and make them look like the rugged, utilitarian vehicles that they are.
I have six in total, but am planning on lobbying high command for a few more to allow me to be a bit more flexible in when I can use them.

With six my options are to: 
  • use them as transports for stormtroopers in the heavy mechanised list that I've made. 
  • use them as sigfried light tanks if I run my army as a Baran Siegemasters list. 
  • use four of them in a light support battery as transports for four thudd guns in a Krieg list.

However if I get another two I can use them as centaur transports for the Krieg grenadiers, and can also use them in two formations of light support batteries rather than just one.
So they will do the job for now, allowing me to field a more mobile green platoon in my Heavy Mechanised list.

Tactically I have designed them to be useful for crossfires, and supporting the larger engagements of the Crassus formations.
The Centaurs and the Infantry company in Crassus' move forward on turn one and try and stay out of line of sight, with the troops staying inside the Crassus, and the Centaurs and scouting troops screening it. I also have the option of garrisoning the green platoon forward, as the stormtroopers have the scout special rule which allows this.

Then on turn two the centaurs pick up the green platoon stormtroopers, and double forward to get within 15cm of a big formation and target the flank or rear. Their shooting will only be hitting on 6's in most cases (-1 to hit from doubling).  Then the infantry company in the Crassus retain the initiative (probably using the supreme commander re-roll every now and then) and engage the enemy formation, using the heavy armour of the Crassus to soak up some hits and keep the casualties down a little.  The stormtroopers then provide support fire with their 4+ firefight. The centaurs, with their worse armour and poor firefight value, and having already done the important job of getting the stormtroopers in range will simply be making up the numbers.

What could possibly go wrong...

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