Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Herald of the Blighted Path

A rare pict capture of the captain of the plagueship Harbringer of Woe; the Death Guard Lord Borshak is known by many names; Borshak the Blightlord, Scourge of Exodus, Borshak the Blade, The Ruinmaker. However the most fitting title, and that which is most topical to Imperial forces in the Neu Diemensland system, is the Herald of the Blighted Path. Borshak's path to dark glory is currently in ascendancy, as he cuts a swathe of despair through the Imperium at the head of a army of heresy. Followed by Death Guard legionnaires, heretics, traitors and mutants, his followers numbers swell and their fanaticism grows as the Path progresses.

As the self proclaimed Prophet of the Blighted Path, he sows despair wherever the Harbringer of Woe takes him. His fleet of ragtag vessels and ancient warships erupt from the warp according to the vagaries of their god, trusting his guidance to deliver them into nearby systems to continue their work. As such, the meandering nature of the Blighted Path has proven extremely difficult to predict, with their arrival in the Neu Diemensland system one such instance that has left the already stretched Imperial forces stretched further.

This Typhus conversion is one that I did a long time ago, but never quite got around to painting. Being a frugal chap, I wanted a model that could pass as Typhus, a terminator sorcerer or a terminator lord. So I chose the Typhus model to be the basis of the conversion, and settled for a head swap, and magnets in the arms to allow weapon swaps.

The majority of the model is unconverted, with the Typhus model being a pretty nice, hefty piece of metal to work with.

The paint scheme is my standard "impressionist inspired dirty pre heresy death guard scheme (TM)", with a nice grey on the skin (and the nurgling skin) and a purple wash rather than the more healthy looking flesh tones some of my other Death Guard "30k era" models have.
As there are magnets in the forearms to allow for weapon loadout variety, I can also change his pose!
Perhaps he's casting a spell, perhaps he's saying "Hi Mum".

The base is a piece of eucalyptus bark, with a few bits and pieces added, before being painted in my standard base colours. I was going to add a tuft of dead grass to it, but was struggling to find room. On reflection though it might look better with one on there somewhere.

I'm looking forward to giving him a run in 40k 8th edition, as Typhus predominately, but also as other Death Guard characters from time to time. I think that the Poxwalker buffs that Typhus gives will be fun to play with, so that's something I'm looking forward to running. Plus he appears to be a resilient beatstick, and should combine well with a daemon prince (or, dare I say it, Primarch!) for a fun herohammer tag team.

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