Saturday, 22 July 2017

The Noxious Blightbringer

A noxious blightbringer from the Death Guard forces sighted on the prison colony world of Neu-Diemenslandt.
As typical of Death Guard legionnaires from the Blighted Path, this individual has retained the pre heresy colouration of the Death Guard legion. The armour itself has been highly modified as is typical of plague marines, being in a severe state of decay, and displaying numerous unsanctioned modifications.
The hoses fitted to the helmet are typical, however the mutation displayed on the armour's backpack indicates that this individual is well advanced down the path of damnation.
Other superficial additions to the armour have been added, notably chain mail, heretic iconography and miscellaneous wargear attached to the belt, as well as trophy's and iconography on the pauldrons.
The individual is armed with an archaic plasma pistol that is likely to be a relic of the age of darkness and appears to have maintained its functionality, indicating that the individual has continued to maintain their wargear despite the generally dilapidated appearance, or that the pistol was of a superior design, or both.  The icon carried by the former legionnaire is of unknown origin, and appears to be archaic in function.
This Noxious Blightbringer is a conversion that I started back in 6th edition, before it was put into storage and went on hold for a few years. It was originally intended to be one of my unit champions, as I was going through the process of making bigger champions for my death guard, with magnetic arms for versatility.
The body, head and shoulder pauldrons are from the resin forgeworld plague marine set, while the legs are plastic chaos terminator legs. I filled in the backs of the legs with putty to bulk them out a little bit.
The backpack is a possessed plastic backpack, and the plasma pistol is a standard plastic chaos marine one. The banner is the icon bearer banner hand also from the chaos marine set, and I added a brazier from the plastic skaven plague bell kit, as well as some spikes from the csm vehicle sprue. The bell on the chain is from the old (and possibly still current?) plastic zombie kit.
The official Noxious Blightbringer is mounted on a 40mm base in the new 8th edition 40k boxed set, so I mounted this conversion on one as well.

In games of 40k this guy helps your plague marines and pox walkers((TM) zombies) advance faster. Instead of rolling one dice and adding it to their move stat, you roll two and pick the highest. So this guy encourages your forces to run. Therefore you want guns that you can shoot while you run. Luckily the new, and quite awesome Blight Launcher(TM) is an assault weapon, so expect to see plenty of plague marine squads with two blight launchers (range 24" assault 2 strength 6, damage 2 and AP -1) and a champ with a combi melta or combi flamer. At least that's what I'll be taking anyway.
When in combat he lowers the enemies leadership too, so helps your resilient forces grind down their foes with attrition, as is the death guard way. It's as though they planned all this or something!

So all in all, I am really enjoying the mechanics of 8th edition 40k. I think force multiplier units like this are great fun to use, and make the game a fun experience.

Also, and just because, well, magnets...

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