Thursday, 20 July 2017

Image hosting blues...

So, I'm an optimist at heart. I've been avoiding this message for a while, hoping it would go away...
Unfortunately it hasn't.

One of the reasons that I started this blog was so that I would have all of my stuff in one place, rather than scattered all across different forums and being, well, painful.

I started off throwing my images in a photobucket account, and linking to them from my blog. It was fairly easy for me to do, I was hosting them there to link to my various forums, and things just evolved fairly chaotically from there.

Unfortunately photobucket decided that the hefty fee of $0.00 they were charging me to do this wasn't quite enough. Perhaps deep down they admired my stubborn tenacity to not click on a single one of their ads they kept throwing up in the way of my cursor. Who knows.

I can't blame them for wanting to cover their costs, or even wanting to make a reasonable profit for the shareholders, as everyone does that. It's just that, my old links are broken.

Happily they still left me with all of my photos for me to access, but I suspect that the process of re-linking old photos in old blog posts is about as inspiring as it sounds. Perhaps one day I will, to enable me to not lose the work I've put into documenting my hobby, but I suspect it will be a slow journey.

As well as being an optimist (and let's face it, a tight arse for not just giving Photobucket a little bit of my hard earned), I'm also self taught at most of this technical stuff. So if you see an old post pop up again at the front of the post queue, fear not. You aren't going through some kind of temporal displacement or perils of the warp attack, I've probably just re-linked some photos, and possibly done something stupid in the process.

But in the mean time, new posts containing grainy photos and questionable commentary will continue to trickle in at the usual rate. Thank you for your attention.


  1. I'm largely in the same boat with forum postings. Thankfully though, from the beginning of my blog I've been uploading photos directly too Blogspot, so that's not affected. It's a pretty shitty thing to do too charge that much and out of nowhere.

    1. Yeah. Once I put the ap on my smartphone I just started taking pictures, editing them and uploading them straight to blogger, so my more recent stuff is ok. It's mainly the older pictures that are causing dramas.
      At least blogspot is still free.
      For now...