Wednesday, 13 January 2016

An Epic Green Platoon

The flyers were screaming in hot. The enemy must be on their tail, as inside the cramped transport compartment the guardsmen were being thrown around as the pilot jinked to avoid enemy fire.
Burr was oblivious. His mind was occupied; elsewhere. His men were glancing at him, looking without trying to look like they were looking.
The Commissar seemed unaware of this, as he adjusted his grav chute harness, readying himself for the drop. He spouted some litany to green platoon as he did so. Burr smiled and watched his lips moving, pretending to listen. It was close now, and the excitement was building within him. He could feel his pulse racing; every fibre of his being poised in anticipation of what was to come. He needed it, like he needed air and water. Without it he would die. His men felt the same. Every one of them was feeling what he felt. Needing it, wanting it, watching the seconds painfully crawl by like hours as the time came closer.

Then a voice cut through the compartment, bringing an end to the torment. "Two minutes to drop."
Burr felt the anticipation build inside him to a crescendo. This was it. The time was now.
"Time to feed the monster." he murmered, reaching for a pouch on his belt.
"What was that Lieutennant?" Snapped the commissar as he fitted his rebreather. 
The flyer's gunner turned away. Unwilling to witness a capitol offence. Burr felt no such need.
The Commissar was looking straight at Burr, with his mask now fitted. He never saw the sergeant's shotgun raised to the back of his head. He never heard the blast. He never knew it was coming.
Burr barely noticed as the inside of the commissar's goggles switched to red and the corpse slumped to the deck. He was intent on one thing, and one thing only. His trembling hand found the package he was searching for in his pouch, as the men around him went into a frenzy of similar activity, reaching into pockets and pouches, retrieving packages of white powder or small field syringes.
Burr jabbed the needle into his leg, and felt the fire rise within. Fully jacked up, he yelled in ecstatic rage as what he needed filled him. 

On the ground Di'Anno watched the flyers scream past overhead. They'd lost one to enemy fire, and one was smoking badly, but the drop was a go. He saw guardsmen deploy with grav chutes into the fog, landing behind a line of low hills to the sound of screams and small arms fire.
Green platoon had arrived, and the enemies of man were dying already.

Grav attack vehicles were tanks in Rogue Trader 40k made from old deodorant bottles. I made up some 6mm scale ones to add to my green (assault) platoon for my Necromundan infantry force. I did this mainly because I found my old 28mm one I made back in the 90's, and plan to spruce it up and add it to my 28mm Necromundan army. So therefore it seemed fitting that I should have some in the 6mm version of the army too!

While not made from old deodorant bottles, they were incredibly simple to make, I just took some putty, molded it to the right shape (by squeezing it into an empty sauce packet!), added some bits and painted them up.
I might add more detail one day, but I will wait until I've renovated the 28mm one before I do, so I can match it at this scale.

Below you can see the infantry from green platoon. These guys are made from the old plastic jump pack guardsmen models. The jump packs can be abstracted away as grav chutes, and I can use these as two Stormtrooper formations in NetEA games, one with Grav-Attack (counting as Valkyrie) transports. Or in NetEpic games there are enough infantry bases for a full Assault Company. I would have to add one more Grav-Attack vehicle to count them as Valkyries though, as they come in formations of 5.

I added some magnetic commissars to the command bases, as you can choose which formations get commissars attached in games of Epic Armageddon. Plus I have made the commissars their own little bases for games of NetEpic.

You can see here that the commissar is separate to the main base. Handy for when he is assasinated by the jacked up gangers not added to the command base. ;)

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