Sunday, 3 January 2016

Epic Death Guard Outriders

As their name suggests, these Death Guard outriders act as scouts and flanking units for my Death Guard marine army in 30k games. I wanted to include some bikers as I have them in the 28mm version of the army as well.

The models are wearing MKIV power armour, and are based on the forgeworld 28mm outriders, and look the part. Most of the bases have a bike with plasma guns, with the other bike having bolters.
I added a leader to the formation by chopping up a spare power fist sergeant and adding him to one of the bikes. This guy is wearing MKIII, so adds a little variety to the formation.

In 40k era epic games the Death Guard EA list doesn't contain bikers so these guys will be warming the bench in those games. If I run the army as a generic Chaos Marine list (such as Black Legion or Red Corsairs) then I think I need a couple more stands. Net Epic games use 5 stands so I'm ok there.
Actually the standard Net Epic marine list is a great way to represent heresy era marines. It contains all sorts of units like thudd guns, rapiers and similar units that were dropped from contemporary marine lists, but have now made their way back into the 28mm game via forgeworld.

It just goes to show that there is some benefit to hoarding old models for years!

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