Wednesday, 20 January 2016

More Epic Death Guard Tacticals

I finished the last of my Death Guard tactical marines and support. Well, probably not the last, but I've done 16 bases, plus three tactical support, and three heavy support; so enough for a reasonable sized force which will do for now. 
Here you can see he latest marines I've painted. They will be plague marines in 40k games, and tactical marines in 30k.

These are the tactical support bases. Two with flamers, and one in the middle with melta guns. I was considering putting some flame like effects on the bases to help them stand out. I decided not to in the end, but still might as it can be pretty difficult trying to tell the difference between these and the Bolter marines.

Rhino transports for the lot of them. I may add some Death Guard markings some day, but they'll do for now. 

Here are the characters I've done so far. From left to right we have a Champion, an Apothecary, a Commander, and a Librarian. They are on magnets so can be removed from their individual bases...

...and added to the tactical bases. Here the Commander and the Librarian try to find a pizza place that can feed 70 hungry marines.
"Let's try that one!"

The 70 hungry marines. 16 tactical stands, with 3 heavy support and 3 tactical support up the back.
So that's my basic infantry done. 16 Bolter bases, three special weapon, and three heavy weapon. It's enough for two 30k tactical detachments (16 Bolter) and three 40k Plague Marine retinues (18 bolter, so I'll need to use two of the special weapons bases, and have one formation with the 3x havocs upgrade) in Epic Armageddon, and one tactical company in Epic (18 bolters plus a command stand). By adding three more heavy support bases I can field a devastator detachment in Epic, and have a second Havoc upgrade in the Epic Armageddon Plague Marine list. So that is something I will look at doing in the future.
I have deliberately painted them all with the same markings (so shoulder guards the same colour etc) which makes it easier for me to mix and match bases into different formations like this, and keep the options open. Which as it turns out is how the Death Guard legion operated. 
So for now they are ready for the tabletop.


  1. Your stuff is an inspiration Fixxxer! I also collect a 28mm DG army but would love to migrate into 6mm scale... Would it be possible for you to send me a tip on how to get a hold of these minis at dial_595 at hot mail .com?

    1. Cheers mate! They aren't commercially available, but if you go over to the EpicAu website (which is where all things 6mm 30k are discussed) you might be able to find some floating around there.