Saturday, 2 January 2016

Dark Future Kitbash Turrets

So I'm fully enthused about Dark Future at the moment! The distant future of 1995 where lawless gangs rule the post apocalyptic badlands.
I'm away from home, and what I would give to have a die cast car or two with me to work with! Ah well, such is life.
But I have managed to make some progress, even without the cars.
I kit bashed (and scratch built) up three turret weapon prototypes; a chaingun, a heavy laser (aka lascannon), and an autocannon.

The turrets are made from the end pieces  of zippy (cable) ties, trimmed down with some bits glued on.
The laser and autocannon are made from 28mm scale Imperial Guard lasguns (a Catachan one for the laser, and a Cadian one for the autocannon). I just cut the stocks off, trimmed them down to fit and added a few bits here and there.
The chaingun is scratch built with some sprue, plastic tubing, paperclip wire, and a metal ammo belt I picked up somewhere. Tubing still needs filling on the end, so it doesn't look hollow. I'll also trim down the barrel and add some of the plastic coating from a paperclip to make sure it has a little hole at the end. 
I didn't worry too much about the detail, I just tried to get the overall aesthetic right.

I think the turrets and weapons look ok, but the real test will be seeing how they look on the roof of some madman's car! I'm thinking I will add them to the NYPD cars that I have. Because guns don't kill people, corrupt cops with military grade weapons kill people!

The only other thing I need to figure out is if I want to magnetise them all. I'm not sure I want to, but I have a few cars I want to beweapon. It's going to be a big job either way; and one I'm looking forward to!

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