Saturday, 6 August 2016

Casket of Souls

Guarded by his minions, the dread keeper of the casket unleashes the fell power contained within.

I've had these old metal skeletons and casket for a while now, and wasn't really sure what to do with them.

After flicking through the tomb kings PDF (well, virtually flicking through the PDF) I spied the casket of souls entry, and came up with the idea for this little diorama.
The models are old 80's or 90's citadel undead blister releases, and I just mounted them on the 65mm round base to represent the casket of souls.
I painted them up in my standard scheme, starting with a basecoat of mournfang brown and working my way up from there.
In Age of Sigmar games the casket, keeper and guards are a single multi wound model. The keeper provides magical defence like a wizard, and can unleash the tortured souls within to attack the enemy like a shooting attack.

One other ability the casket has is to provide a +1 to the casting rolls of liches within 18", which should also come in very handy.
So I expect to be fielding it alongside Morbius whenever I can.
Fun times ahead.

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