Friday, 19 August 2016

Great Weapons there Grave Guard.

A powerful host of armoured skeletons prepare to engage the foe.

These old citadel skeletons have been in my undead collection for quite a while now, so I am pretty happy to finally get them painted up and ready for gaming. I loved the look of these models when they came out in blisters, and picked a few up way back when (who proceeded to get smashed apart by the axes and pistols of Ulthers Dwarven Dragon Company). Since then I've added to their numbers thanks to some questionable eBay bargains (such is the way of a collector of old lead).

The Skeleton Command standard bearer and musician are originally from the C17 blisters from 1987, The unit champion is Reaper from the Skeleton War Machines MD8 boxed set.

The other models in the unit are all from the late eighties, and can be seen in the 1989 catalogue.
They have a nice, heavily armoured look that I like and carry an assortment of double handed weapons.
I originally had cloaks, tabards and the like painted brown but it was just too much brown-ness. So I ended up adding a bit of red and black as a splash colour. These are on my limited palette list for this army, and help to add some colour to the models with the force as a whole still looking reasonably cohesive.
Some of the sculpts are based on the same green, and I don't have a huge variety of models in my collection and have quite a few double-ups, so painting some cloaks red, some black, and changing where the spots of rust are has helped a little bit to add some variety to models that are the same or similar in design.

In Age of Sigmar games I will take this unit as grave guard with great weapons. They have two attacks each, hit on 3's, wounding on 3's and do two damage on wound rolls of 6. I can also get them to re-roll 1's on their to wound roll by having a skeleton with a whip (necrotect) nearby, so I will model up one of the charioteer's to be able to do this. I was planning to model one up anyway to make my screaming skull catapults that little bit more potent (the necrotect allows the catapults to shoot twice when they shoot) so giving a buff to the grave guard(provided I can keep everyone huddled close enough) is an added bonus. Models like Mordini, the necromancer Valignano and Morbius the Liche can give the Grave Guard extra attacks, and they can be made extra resilient by the Death Allegiance rules (giving them a 5+ additional unmodified save) and the Deathrattle Horde formation (giving them a +1 to their armour save). So a 5+ armour save with a +1, followed by a 5+ invulnerable save, healing D3 models back, A model has a 33% chance of dying when wounded which isn't too bad considering their damage output. Adding things like cover or mystic shield decreases this to 22%, adding cover and mystic shield drops it to 11%, and if I want to go ultra tanky I can add a wight king battle standard bearer to drop it to 9%. But I will probably just focus on offensive upgrades for this unit, as that is more fun!

So tooled up when supported by Mordini, Valignano Morbius and a Necrotect they will look like this:
20 models with 3 attacks (generating an extra attack on hit rolls of 6) wounding on 3's (re-rolling 1's and causing two damage on 6's) attacking twice thanks to Valignano's Danse Macabre. So inflicting 30 damage 1 wounds and 5 damage 2 wounds. Twice in a turn thanks to the Danse spell.
Fun times.

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