Sunday, 7 August 2016

Undead Samurai Anko and Zol

The Champion of the Undead Samurai, Anko, and one of his men, Zol, continue the long fight against their enemies.

I had a good look through my undead samurai collection to try and figure out who would best represent the unit champion, musician and standard bearer.
I settled on Anko for the champion as he has a fairly deadly looking pose, and still has most of his armour so looks cool.
Plus he has a fish sculpted on his helmet like a hood ornament. That's hard to go past when figuring out who the unit badass is!
I painted Zol up at the same time, bringing my total unit up to ten painted models. This quite neatly means that they are now a finished unit, so I can field a fully painted unit in games now! Hooray!
With Anko leading the unit wearing his fish helmet how can they not win!

I painted these guys up in the signature scheme for this army, with the black and red on Anko's armour helping him to stand out from the crowd. I painted the scabbard red as well to emphasise this further.
Zol is armed with a katana and carries a hand shield. I've kept the highlight colours subdued on the rank and file models like him, with almost no red on him.
I still gave him a fair bit of rust to help take away the brown blandness a bit.
Like Gi, I painted the kanji symbol for death on his shield. To help emphasise the deathness in an army of deathy death.
After a bit of drybrushing and brown ink wash he didn't turn out too bad. Looks like that base could have done with a bit more attention at the cleanup stage though!

So with ten out of the twenty painted up it must almost be time for a unit shot. Hopefully I can get one done soon.

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