Saturday, 15 October 2016

Aegis Defence Lines and Razorwire

Unmanned Planetary Defence Force defences on the Imperial Prison Colony world of Neu-Diemenslandt.

Defences such as these are often set up at strategic locations on Imperial worlds where a large number of recruits may be rapidly drafted into planetary defence forces should the need arise.

The robust nature of the defences, and the fact that they are relatively easy to repair means that they may stand fit for purpose for decades with a minimum of maintenance.

More zippy tie action, with some scratch built Aegis Defence Lines.
These are a feature of my 28mm Imperial Guard army, so I was keen to somehow include them in the 6mm version.
After looking around at what third party manufacturers were producing, I decided that scratch building something fairly cheaply would be the way to go for me (and my meagre budget!).

So I came up with the idea of these fairly simple barricades. A zippy tie, an ice cream stick and some sand thrown together and painted to look the part.

I can use them as trenches if I want to run Baran Siegemasters, or Death Corps of Krieg armies in Epic Armageddon, or alternatively I can use the ruleset that I'm working on for Imperial Defences (which I will post soon once I've got it into a reasonable format).

While I was at it I also made some razor wire, from ice cream sticks, toothpicks (glued into little holes I drilled into the ice cream sticks), and wire (that I coiled around one of my brushes).

I painted these in a fairly weathered fashion to look like they had been in place for a while, rather than shiny and new.

All up I have ten of each. The bases are 12cm long each, so if I use 4 then that's 48cm, which works for defences that are bought in lots of 50cm, so I'm pretty happy with that. For 80cm lines (such as those used by the Death Corps) I can use six, which is 72cm so will sell myself a bit short for those. Razorwire is bought in lengths of 20cm, so I might go 4cm over on those, and that might balance out the 8cm shorter trench line. That's not really something I'll be losing any sleep over though!

So when combined with the other little features that I've been working on, a defended objective will look something like this.
I think that should look pretty good on my city table when it's complete, so I'm looking forward to giving these a go.

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