Friday, 14 October 2016

Epic Objective Markers

One of the things that I've been up to lately is making objective markers for my Epic armies. The Tournament scenario in Epic Armageddon requires three objectives to be set up in each half of the board, an I have been modelling markers that match my armies.

While these look cool and thematic, they do have a tendency to blend in with the rest of the battle, meaning that they can be a little hard for my opponent to keep track of. "Which land raider is the objective again?".

So I decided to make some thematic, blatantly obvious markers that can be used on my city themed table and show in no uncertain terms where the objectives are.

So I came up with the idea for these little buildings, that can represent bunkers, entrances to underground complexes, control rooms for city infrastructure, communication hubs, data network nodes, or whatever. Or perhaps they are just little buildings located near places of strategic importance that the armies are fighting over.
They were extremely simple to make. They are made from little plastic covers that go on the ends of monitor cables, printer cables and the like. I scrounged up six of them in various sizes and set to work.

I simply glued them on some metal washers, glued on a little door made from some zippy tie, and glued some sand on with pva glue before spraying them with galvanising primer (my grey primer of choice!).

Then it was just a matter of putting on the black ink for the base, applying some battle damage with black and lighter grey highlights, drybrushing with underhive ash and painting the roof in the most obvious manner I could.
So when viewed from above they stand out extremely well from everything else thanks to the highly visible, if somewhat wobbly, hazard striping on the roofs.

So now my objectives will look something like this when they are suitably defended, which should work well for all involved.


  1. Love the idea of zippy wire for a door

  2. Thanks Lornalim. Pretty simple to do and while a little chunky up close, looks okay on the tabletop. If I painted the edges grey rather than silver that might make them look a little more refined.