Monday, 3 October 2016

Death Blades Valdor Tank Hunter

Pict capture of a Death Blades Valdor Tank Hunter preparing to engage.

This is by far the biggest, and newest model in my 9th Necromundan Death Blades army. I originally bought it for a traitor guardsmen mechanised force that I have, but in the end I decided to paint it up in Death Blades colours.
It isn't the only vehicle in the army, but it is the only one that I have lavished with battle damage, weathering and the like. It was hard not to with this resin kit, as it has so much detail, and you just find yourself painting the weathering and chips on quite naturally.

I tried to make the paint scheme suit the Death Blades, so painted a gang symbol on the side. I also chose to paint the company markings based on an older three stripe pattern that was common back in the early 90's.

I have added a few little plastic additions to the kit; backpacks, a tow cable, the tank commander, and a tarpaulin on the front. These helped to cover up some of the larger flatter areas, and add a bit more character to the model and individualise it a bit.

I apinted it in fairly standard colours for this army, with a bit more brown on the rusty parts like the tracks, to make it seem a little bit more venerable than some of the other equipment.

I also added a light drybrush of underhive ash around the tracks and on the bottom of the tank to help it fit in with the other models in the army, who all have underhive ash shaded bases.

I also added a black drybrush to the exhaust outlets, the engine bay doors, and above the heat sink on the main gun. To make it look well used.

I also magnetised the commander in the top hatch, so if I wanted a heavy stubber I could swap him out for this crewman. The model is one of the old metal rapier gunners from the 80's. 

I simply added a magnet to his foot, blued on the heavy stubber and painted him up.
So that's it for now, a worthy centre piece added to the army.

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