Friday, 25 November 2016

Epic Leman Russ Tanks

The Leman Russ Battletank is a common sight amongst the innumerable regiments of the Imperial Guard.
The 9th Necromundan are no exception, with the Leman Russ being a valuable addition to the Regiment at times when an armoured strike is required. The former gangers of the industrial world that are chosen to crew these vehicles relish the opportunity to unleash overwhelming firepower on the foe before attacking at full pace, engaging them at close quarters with secondary weapons.

The officers of the regiment have learned to use the battle tanks well, ruthlessly combining artillery, air and armoured strikes, putting into practice the edicts of combined warfare as outlined in the Tactica Imperium.

Shown here is the command squadron of red company, as indicated by the red and yellow striping on the tanks side armour. The company command vehicle is a Vanquisher variant in this case, and can be identified by the yellow command symbol on the turret.

I was lucky enough to pick up these fan made Leman Russ tanks second hand, but unpainted and still on sprue, and was really happy with the detail that they have.

They are based on the forgeworld Krieg Mars Pattern tanks, complete with low profile turrets and extra equipment fitted to the back of the tanks to enable them to be used in more hostile atmospheres.

There are ten in total, so that allows me to field a full company in most versions of Epic, and alternatively use them as smaller formations if I need to.

Like I do with all my command vehicles, I painted a small, old-school command squad marking on the Vanquisher turret to show help it stand out.

For the formation markings, I have decided that the Leman Russ and similar sized support tanks will be Red company. So these tanks are red company command formation, shown by the red stripes with the yellow command stripe.

Other formations within red company will include some tank hunters, some hellhounds, and possibly another Leman Russ formation, kitted out for closer support.

But the command formation is ready to roll...

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