Sunday, 13 November 2016

Epic Bunkers!

An Imperial bunker line on the fortified Penal world of Neu Diemenslandt awaiting it's garrison.
These bunkers were a fairly simple little addition to my forces, and join these home made blast markers to be another wargaming aide made from discarded protective equipment, I'm saving the planet one hardware project at a time!
I scrounged the parts from old dust masks, that would have otherwise been chucked in the bin.

As far as conversions go it was pretty simple. I put a little magnet under the roof, so I can add a magnetised AA turret or similar on if I want, and added a piece of zippy tie door to the back (the same as I did on these objective markers).

I had nine, so painted them all up. I decided to add numbers using some 40k marine transfers that I had lying around. I had to manually craft some of the numbers, as all I had was I, III, V and X. 
They turned out looking ok, but I will probably have to hit them with microsol and microset before I varnish them to get rid of the shiny, transfer look.

In addition to these, I also made up some tank traps. These were extremely simple to make too. I just cut up bits of sprue, tidied them up, and glued them onto ice cream sticks before applying some sand and painting.

I did four of these up, and am in the process for writing up some rules for them in a fortifications allies army list.

So when combined, some fortified Planetary Defence Force bunker positions might look like this.
Ready to defend their world against whatever a hostile galaxy throws at it.
Fun awaits...

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