Sunday, 13 November 2016

Epic power generator terrain thingys

Imperial guns defend vital infrastructure on the Imperial Prison Colony of Neu Diemenslandt.

I guess there are little signs that tell you that you are obsessed.
Like when you are standing for hours in the hot sun in conditions that feel like a fan forced oven, with enough sweat pouring off you to drown a small mammal, and you look down through the dust onto the rocky, broken ground at discarded plastic racks that used to house explosive detonators, and think "they would make a pretty nice Epic terrain pieces".

These bits of terrain have been in the painting queue for years. My terrain tends to take longer to paint than my armies, thanks mainly to the fact that I don't play with unpainted models (fully painted is for closers, after all). But really playing with unpainted terrain is just as bad, so I'm trying to focus on getting some nice quality terrain pieces modelled and painted too, so that I'm not neglecting the "third army" and get some nice looking battles going on.
I have five of these "whatever-they-are's" in total, so they should look pretty good scattered across my table in amongst the other industrial terrain that I've got.

They will block line of sight to infantry and vehicles, and provide cover to titans. Skimmers should like them, as they can hide nicely behind them and pop up to do their thing.

They are mounted on bits of mdf that I cut to shape with a jigsaw, and sanded smooth.

I painted them up in simple colours, with a drybrush of leadbelcher, a heavy wash of agrax earthshade, and some details in orangey-yellow added. So they look fairly old and industrial, which is the look I'm going for with my epic terrain.

So they cost me a grand total of zero dollars, and should hopefully look pretty thematic on my industrial table.

Now I've just got to keep those pesky xenos from nabbing them.
Xenos raiders secure an entrance to the power facility.

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