Sunday, 30 April 2017

Epic Warehouses

An eldar guardian formation moves through an industrial sector on Neu- Diemenslandt.

I have just modelled up a few more warehouses to go on my 6mm scale city board. 
These are made from the plastic packets that my 33mm washers come in (that I use for bases) so I have a few of them.

While they are individually fairly uninspiring, I'm hoping that they will look fairly interesting en-mass when set up on the city mat that I have.

They should provide plenty of line of sight blocking terrain for shorter units like infantry and most vehicles, while providing some cover for larger vehicles.

In most games I will probably treat them as impassible for vehicles, but the more resourceful infantry can occupy them, shooting from vents in the walls and setting up firing lanes from the rooftops, or whatever.
I might even model up some little zippy tie ladders on the sides.
But for now, the warehouse district is done.


  1. They look great, totally in the Epic mood!

    1. Cheers Suber, I think with these quantity has it's own quality! Individually they aren't particularly special, but having a few of them helps. I've got some more terrain on the way, made from the other half of the packaging.