Saturday, 29 April 2017

Foot Farseer and Friends

An eldar farseer from the Saim-Hann craftworld with guardian support.
More guardians and hangers-on today, with the black robed farseer and another red robed warlock being added to the mix as well. This gives me two foot warlocks, and one foot farseer (who can be used as a warlock too). I have given them some bodyguards, in the form of guardians plus a banner bearer to help the red and white models stand out from all the other red and white models.

So another 11 stands of guardians are done, bringing me up to fifteen plus the three warlocks. This is more than I will need for most Epic Armageddon games. However in NetEpic games I would ideally like to have 18 bases of guardians, which will give me enough for a company card. So I will do up another three to allow the three formations of six.

In the Epic Armageddon Siam-Hann list guardians are exchanged for heavy weapons and wraithguard, so I did up some more of these as well. This should give me enough models to field three formations similar to the one below.

While in Net Epic a guardian formation consists of six stands...

with the heavy weapons being a formation of three...

Plus I did up some more support weapons, This is the second formation of three, who add some decent firepower to Net Epic Eldar forces, or can be added to Epic Armageddon foot based guardian formations (like those in the Biel-Tan list). So again, this should give me enough for regular games.
I have another three of these still in the pile, so I will get to them some day. But for now other things will take priority, like aspect warriors who are a little lacking in this army at the moment.

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