Sunday, 16 April 2017

Guardian formation is go!

A mixed formation of guardians, wraithguard and their wave serpent transports.
The latest formation to advance from the painting queue are these guardians with a few hangers-on.

The guardian formation has quite a few upgrades available to it in the Epic-Armageddon version of the game, so I have tried to cover most of these here.

The first of these is the farseer, which is an upgrade in the Saim-Hann list, but a requirement in the Biel-Tan list. I added a warlock model to a base with a handful of guardians, and put one with a flag there to help them all stand out.
You can see that I only have four bases of guardians here at the moment. I think that I will add some more down the track. This will give me more flexibility when list-hammering.

Up to three of the guardian stands may be swapped for heavy weapon platforms in most lists, so I have modelled up three of these to add in if I want to.
These are the old plastic lascannon weapon platforms. I added a gunner crewman and a guardian to give him a hand. These are mounted on a 25mm base rather than the 33mm that the guardians are on.

Next up are some support weapons, that can be added to the Biel-Tan guardian formation, but aren't an option in the Saim-Hann list. Like the heavy weapon platforms I added two infantry models to the base to represent the crew.

Finally I did up some wraithguard. I have enough for six bases, so I'll do another three in the future. These guys are a 1-1 replacement for guardians in the Saim-Hann list, but are additional units in the Biel-Tan list. They are also quite resilient, so will be a valuable addition to my guardian formations.

So a kitted up guardian formation using the Biel-Tan list might look something like this. I'm looking forward to giving it a run soon!


  1. Thanks Suber! They are a little rough in places, but the army as a whole is starting to look nice and cohesive.