Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Pledge 2016

So at the start of last year I said:
"My pledge for 2015 is:
  1. Complete repainting my Death Blades in both 40k and Epic.
  2. Figure out what I am doing with my Epic Death Guard and get them done.
  3. Finish painting one other army.
  4. Commence painting my Old Lead Undead.
  5. Roll up and model 40k and WH warbands from ROC:The Lost and the Damned.
  6. Play at least one game of Epic, 40k, RoC and Warhammer (hopefully 3rd).
  7. Spend no more than $300 on models, paint and other loot."
And lets see how I went...

1. "Complete Painting" is always an optimistic goal for an army. The intention was to get the old IG 28mm models I have painted up in Death Blades colours. All I painted this year were the rapier teams, so still have the veterans, assault platoon, land seeder, arbites and others to do. So I fail part 1A.
However I did smash out the 6mm version of the army, and while not "complete" it is certainly more than playable. This is largely due to the fact that I found a pretty cool group of 6mm gamers, that meant that 6mm ended up being the focus of the year. So 1/2 marks for point number 1.

2. I kind of figured out what I'm doing with my Epic Death Guard. Buy some more models for them, and re-paint the old ones in storage. I didn't get access to the old ones in storage, but I did get plenty of new ones painted up. I'm calling this one 1/2 done. 

3. Finish painting one other army. I didn't get access to my models that were in storage. Fail.

4. Commence painting my old lead undead. Success. I painted one undead samurai liche. I still haven't posted it here, so have been slack in that regard though!

5. Roll up and model RoC Warbands. Fail due to all my cool bits being in storage. I did start rolling them up, so I'll give myself 1/4 for this.

6. Play at least one game of Epic, 40k, RoC and WH3rd. I played a fair bit of Epic. 1/4.

7. Spend no more than $300. Pass. I purchased a pot of agrax earthshade and some cool heresy era epic models from a mate. That would have been around $300. I didn't spend anything else which is fine as I have heaps to paint. I am long overdue for some new brushes though.

So my score for 2015 is 3 1/2 out of 7. I pass, but don't please my patron. After consulting the chaos attributes table I discover Nurgle gifts me with, *rolls* 003 - Acid Excretion! While being one step closer to damnation isn't a very nice start to the year, it's cool to be able to excrete acid. And at least I don't have eye-stalks.

Here's a list of what I painted in no particular order.
  • Three 28mm Death Blades Rapiers.

Plenty of 6mm Death Blades.

  • White platoon - 16 bases
  • 19 bases of beastmen + 1 command base
  • 1 heavy support base (to bring them up to 5)
  • 4 Ogryn bases
  • One Reaver Titan
  • 4 Grav Attack Vehicles
  • 18 Chimera
  • 3 Hydras
  • A handful of Commissars
  • A 6mm version of my Inquisitor
  • 3 Macharius Omega's
  • 10 Bike bases
  • 3 Praetor Assault Launchers
  • 3 Macharius Tanks

Plenty of 6mm Death Guard.

  • 3 Typhons
  • 6 Vindicators
  • 6 Predators
  • 4 Medusas
  • 6 Rhinos
  • 2 Fire Raptors
  • 1 Falchion
  • 1 Fellblade
  • 11 Infantry Bases
  • 15 Robots

One lonely Undead model.
So the plan for 2016?
I have access to my models in storage again now, which basically means that there is a mountain of unpainted lead and plastic (and die cast cars!) that needs my attention. Ideally I'd like to get the following achieved:
  1. Paint up the 28mm Death Blades models that I currently own. Purchase what bits I need to do this.
  2. Paint up the 6mm Death Guard Models that I own. Including the supporting Titan Legion.
  3. Purchase and paint some heavy vehicles for the 6mm Death Blades. 
  4. Paint up some Dark Future models, including purchasing some models on foot.
  5. Finish rolling up and modelling my Nurgle Warbands for Realms of Chaos.
  6. Find a like minded gaming group and play some games.
  7. Keep going with the Old Lead Undead. Hopefully at a faster rate than 1 model per year.
So that's the big seven for me this year. They are a little different to last years, as I have moved around quite a lot, and feel the need to be more community involved after flying solo for so long. Number 6 will be an important part of getting the others done.

I'm really excited about some of these. Dark Future in particular. I guess I can blame Fury Road for that.
"Witness Me!"

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