Saturday, 12 March 2016

Epic Grave Warden Terminators

Grave Warden Terminators and Praetor.

My grave warden terminators really caused me some angst. Something went awry when I was priming them. I'm not sure exactly what, perhaps I didn't shake the can enough, held it too close, or it was too humid or something, but once they were dry I saw that they were a bit blobby on the front, with some of the detail obscured under too much paint.
They sat in a drawer for about a week while I wondered what to do. In the end I decided to paint them up, and see how they turned out, rather than strip them and have another go. I'm not sure it was the right choice, but I didn't have an easy way to strip them (I was working away from most of my equipment), and they don't look too bad.

The models themselves are excellent, with plenty of character (and chainfists!) to ensure that they look the part.
I put three or four to a base, with a couple of bare patches for magnetised character upgrades. I have some characters in cataphracti armour, so painted a couple of them up, representing a praetor/commander, and a librarian/commander (depending if Mortarion is on the table or not, as he's not the biggest fan of Psykers).

I went with a fairly standard scheme for my infantry, but rather than white pauldrons I went with green. This was mainly to help differentiate them from the regular infantry from a couple of metres away. My eyesight isn't getting any better after all!
I have a total of eight bases which should be heaps. It will allow me to run two formations in Epic Armageddon 30k, or a single larger formation. In EA 40k games Grave Wardens and Deathshroud are interchangeable, so I will have plenty of options there.
Grave Wardens don't currently exist in NetEpic so I will have to come up with something. They are basically elite terminators, so I could just use them as regular terminators until I do. I will need a total of 13 terminator bases (including a commander) to field a terminator company. Luckily I have Deathshroud to do too, so I should be able to field a nicely themed Death Guard terminator company (complete in land raiders) if I want too.

Here you can see the two characters. I had a dabble at painting some lightning on the Paragon Blade, and it's a little chunky, but does the job.
I was going to paint the psychic hood blue, but decided not to. As the librarian may be used as a champion or commander from time to time I decided not to emphasise his librarian-ness too much. The force axe could easily be a power axe or charnabal sabre for example.
The bases are my usual 25mm steel washers with some magnetic sheet glued on them. The 3mm disc magnets on the base of the models stick to the magnetic sheet, and allow me to stick them on the steel washes the Grave Warden are stuck to as well.
So these really are a key formation for my army, and are a characterful Death Guard unit that I'm looking forward to using.

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